2017 Swim Season is here!

The swim season is quickly approaching, be sure you and your pool are ready.  

Sparkling Pool Service can help with all your swimming pool needs.  Do you need a spring cleaning or weekly service to ensure your pool stays in good condition all summer or year-round? This is the time to get started, just give us a call and we will be happy to help you with pump or filter issues as well as lighting or heating issues.

The state of Texas requires a license to work on any electrical issues.  Our licensed technicians provide the expert workmanship for which you are looking.

If your pool has plaster or tile issues, or coping or deck issues, we can help with that too, this type of work needs quick attention to ensure your pool is ready when you are ready to start the swim season.

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Is your pool leaking?

Do you have a leak in your pool?

This can be very scary for most pool owners because they have heard terrible stories about this issue. At Sparkling Pool Service, Inc., we can simplify this issue.  The first step is to make sure you actually have a leak before starting the process of finding and repairing the leak.

If you are adding more than 2 inches of water to your pool per week, you have a leak.  If you have determined that the leak is not above ground, then the location of the leak needs to be determined.

If you are not adding a lot of water to your pool but feel you have a leak, the bucket test is an inexpensive test to see if in fact, you have a leak.  The bucket tests is done by setting a bucket on the top step of the pool and filling the bucket with water such that it gets the same amount of wind and sun as the pool.  Mark the water level on both the inside and outside of the bucket.  After 24 hours of no rain or swimmers and normal run times, compare the amount of water in the bucket to that outside the bucket.  If the pool side lost more water than the inside, you have a leak.

A common leak location is at the skimmer throat.  This is the opening at the side of the pool that allows water to flow to the skimmer basket which can be found when you remove the skimmer lid in the pool deck.  If you have a leak at the skimmer throat, this is the simplest of underground leaks to repair and can be done by most pool owners.  To determine if you have a leak at the skimmer throat, you can use food coloring or a chemical reagent used for testing the chemistry, use a red color to make it easy to see under water.  With the pump turned off, squirt the red dye in areas that could allow water to escape.  If you determine there is a leak there, see if it is an area that can be patched using pool putty that can be purchased at any pool store.  If not, call us.

If you did not find a leak at the skimmer throat, a leak detection will be required.  For this, you need to call us.  We will have to perform a leak detection by pressurizing the system and listening ultrasonically to find the leak which we guarantee to find within 1 foot.  Once the leak has been located, the repair will be the final step.  Most leaks that are not in the skimmer throat are at one of the returns to the pool and is usually caused by ground shifting.
If you have any questions about this issue or any other issue, please call us at Sparkling Pool Service Inc., 281-807-5442.

Need a Face Lift?

Umm...we mean does your pool need a face lift?  We do plaster, tile, coping and stone repair. Click here for a free quote.

Lights out?

Do you have pool and/or spa lights that need attention?  How about main drain covers that are not up to the latest safety codes making them safe for young swimmers?
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Pool Coping Need Repair?

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