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Swimming, splashing, and generally enjoying your pool is all fun and games until something breaks down. With so many components coming together to create a healthy pool, it can be difficult to tell precisely what is wrong. When a problem arises, it’s vital to your pool’s health that you hire a trusted professional who can keep the problem from getting worse and costing you more down the road.

Pool Equipment Repair

If any of your pool equipment is not working, then your pool as a whole isn’t working properly. Well-functioning equipment works to keep your pool healthy and keeps you from swimming in hazardous water. You want to make sure that the pool filter, pool pump/pool motor, pool heater, and pool cleaner are all doing their jobs well. 

Pool pump/pool motor: the main component of your pool’s circulation system.

Pool filter: extremely important for keeping debris and other contaminants from harming the entire pool system.

Pool cleaner: keeps your pool clean between professional cleanings.

Pool heater: keeps the water at a swimmable temperature year-round.

We can examine your pool equipment to locate the problem that needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Pool Pump Repair/Pool Motor Repair

Your pool pump and motor keep the water circulating throughout your swimming pool. The pool pump takes the pool water through the main drain to the filter and returns the water back clean to the pool. The motor in the pool pump is the most common pool repair. When the motor fails, the pump stops the water from circulating. 

Oftentimes, it is easy to detect that the motor or pump that isn’t working:

  • There may be a stench coming from your pool water,
  • Your pool pump/pool motor simply won’t turn on,
  • Your swimming pool’s water looks cloudy or dirty, or
  • You notice that you have an unusually high electric bill.

These are signs that your pool pump/motor needs to be repaired or replaced. A dirty pool can become hazardous for swimming. 

We do all types of pump repair and replacement. Together with your filtration system, the pump is what keeps the pool looking good.

Pool Filter Repair

The filtration system is the single most important part of the pool system. It filters out waste, debris, dirt, contaminants, and algae that can harm your pool system’s health. There are many signs that your filter isn’t working:

  • The gauge constantly reads above 30psi, which is considered too high; 
  • Filter material is in the pool, which creates unsanitary conditions in the pool;
  • The filter runs short cycles, which could be from a clog or improper backwashing; and 
  • Algae growth, which could be from a clogged filter. 

We can come out and perform an examination of your filtration system to pinpoint the problem since if your filter is not doing its job, it may need repairs or replacement. We also eradicate most types of algae growth that has been keeping your pool from having the inviting look you desire.

Pool Cleaner Repair

A pool cleaner is like a vacuum cleaner; it sucks up the dirt and debris in your swimming pool. The pool cleaner moves around your pool to help with water circulation, which is important for you pool’s health. While there are various types of pool cleaners, they all have a few things in common:

  • They suck up dirt and debris to help not clog the filter,
  • They help the water circulate around the pool, and
  • They vacuum the dirt and debris from your pool.

The pool cleaner supplements cleaning in between professional cleanings. If your pool is dirty a day or two after its weekly cleaning, your pool cleaner may need to be repaired to replaced.

We can help repair or replace your pool cleaner whether it’s a suction-side cleaner, a pressure-side cleaner, or a robotic pool cleaner to make sure it keeps sucking.

Pool Heater Repair

Living in Houston means that you have the option of using your swimming pool year-round. The pool heater warms up your pool to let you swim comfortably while it’s cold out. With all of the electrical components of your pool heater, all repairs need to be performed by a trusted professional.

Since your pool heater is often only used during the winter, problems arise over the summer that go unnoticed until you need it. You can tell that your heater needs to be repaired due to:

  • Rust and corrosion, this is a serious fire hazard;
  • If you find twigs, rodents, or chewed wires;
  • The heater won’t turn on;
  • Your pool heater doesn’t heat up;
  • There is low water flow;
  • The heater cycles on and off.

Let one of our experts make sure your pool heater doesn’t keep you in the cold. We examine the heater pilot, gas valve, heater bypass, pumps, and more!

Pool Leak Repair

Discovering that you have a pool leak can be such a headache for you as a pool owner. You want to make sure that a leak is repaired as soon as you notice it so it doesn’t cause further damage. There are noticeable signs that you have a pool leak:

  • You are adding more than 1.5 inches of water per week to your pool,
  • You notice cracks in or around the pool decking,
  • You notice cracks in the pool shell,
  • The grass around your pool is soggy,
  • Your pool deck is starting to sink or lift,
  • Your pool loses more that a ¼ inch of water a day, or
  • You are finding algae build-up even though the water was recently treated with chemicals.

We take care of all leaks, underground or within the plumbing. Even a small leak is costly; you are not only losing water but also the chemicals in the water.

Pool Light Repair

Pool lights illuminate your swimming during the evenings and nights to keep you and your pool goers safer in the dark. Nothing makes a pool more inviting than proper lighting. 

Having pool lights that aren’t working can cause safety issues if there is a problem with the electrical wiring. Electrical problems inside of a pool are extremely hazardous for all swimmers. Electrical issues can arise from water leaking into the light wiring. But the problem could be as simple as some of the light bulbs being out. Always have a professional check out any potential electrical problems.

We can bring your lighting back to the condition it was intended to be to make your evening swims more enjoyable and safe for young swimmers. Our trained experts examine your system to figure out whether it is lightbulbs or the entire electrical fixture that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Plaster Repair

Every in-ground swimming pool has a final coating applied to the shell. This final coating is the pool plaster which is normally ¼-inch to ½-inch thick. The pool plaster creates a watertight seal and makes for a smoother surface in your pool. 

So, discovering a crack along the wall or floor of your pool can be concerning and if left unrepaired can create bigger problems in the future. The plaster may even bubble or become loose. In some extreme cases, without proper chemical monitoring, some surfaces will deteriorate which is why exploring all possible options for pool plaster strengths and weaknesses is advised.

Our experts can repair damage to your pool’s plaster. If you decide you want to replaster your pool, we offer many surface options that provide years of reliable performance and dazzling beauty. We offer standard white plaster, pearl brite, Diamond-brite colored ceramic quartz, and River Rok exposed aggregate for your pool.

Pool Tile Repair

The tiles situated below the coping in your swimming pool add aesthetics while protecting your pool from creating a yellow, scummy line at the waterline from pollen, sunscreen, body oil, and other substances that enter your pool. Sometimes tiles get damaged or fall off into your pool. 

When your coping/flagstone is in good condition, it acts as a non-slip surface for pool goers. The pool coping/flagstone works by joining together the horizontal deck with the vertical walls of your pool. If water can actively penetrate the grout of the coping, it may cause the walls of your pool to shift and cause major damage to your pool. The grout damage is usually easily visible.

Let our experts bring your tile and coping/flagstone back to good condition. We also offer acid wash for your pool finish if it has been stained or been sitting green for a while, or a tile cleaning to bring back the original luster of your tile and get rid of years of scale and calcium buildup.

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